Eszköz tartó adapter

Eszköz tartó adapter

EAN: 7320282152055
Cikkszám: 215205
Bruttó ár:  4 699.-HUF

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Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the mount adapter.
Note: The 2 prong (Dual T) vehicle mount adapter can be attached to any mounting bracket or flat surface with the enclosed screws.

1. Place the 2 prong (Dual T) vehicle mount adapter in the desired position.

2. Attach it with the enclosed screws.

3. Now that the adapter plate is in place, find your device cradle, which is usually enclosed with your device when purchased. (Magellan 2000 shown in picture). Attach your device cradle to your device, then hook the device with the cradle onto the T prongs and slide it down. If you don't have a cradle, hook your device onto the T prongs and slide it down. To remove it, slide the device up and unhook it from the T prongs.

4. The mount adapter is in place.


Vertical adapter plate for Arkon.
A mounting adapter for devices with Arkon-attachment. The choice for you who want to have your device within easy reach, attached onto a ProClip instead of on the windshield suction mount. Base plate: 42x50 mm.