Holder for Locking

Holder for Locking

Apple iPad 10.2 7th Gen (A2197, A2198, A2200)

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Apple iPad 10.2 7th Gen (A2197, A2198, A2200)

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Please read all of the instructions and look at the pictures before attaching the holder.

1. Loosen the screw in the center of the holder so you can remove the tilt swivel attaching plate on the back. Place the attaching plate onto the desired position. Screw the attaching plate into place with the enclosed screws. Place the holder over the attaching plate so the screw fits in the hole in the tilt swivel. Screw the holder onto the attaching plate. Tighten the screw so the holder is firmly in place, but still can be adjusted.

2. Slide the device sideways carefully into the holder. Press the lock sideways onto the left part of the holder.

3. Remove the lock by slidning it sideways away from the holder. Slide the device sideways out of the holder.

4. The holder is in place. Switch between portrait and landscape mode by turning the holder into desired position.


Active holder with USB cable and cig-plug adapter. With tilt swivel. With spring stud locking.
This holder is to be used when you want to have your iPad securely in place and still have it easy accessable. The holder has a spring stud locking feature.
With USB-cable with cig-plug adapter, choose to connect either to the vehicle's USB outlet or the 12/24V socket. The cig-plug adapter has two USB ports: QC 3.0A + 2.4A. It is easy to slide the device into place in the holder so it connects to the charging, and to take it out of the holder when leaving the car.
The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so you can easily adjust the angle for better viewing. Tilts 17° and swivels 360°. Mounting plate 42x50 mm with 4 mm AMPS-holes. Made of high grade ABS/Acetal plastic. Color: black. Made in Sweden.
An installation of a tablet onto a vehicle’s dashboard is always done on the customer’s own responsibility. Brodit recommends to use tablets on a Pedestal mount or a Brodit headrest mount.

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